New Associate Artistic Director – Jared Nelson

California Ballet Company is proud to announce the appointment of Jared Nelson as the new Associate Artistic Director.

Mr. Nelson will focus on expanding CBC’s repertoire to include works of current choreographers, assist in planning and acquiring productions, and represent the company in the community. Mr. Nelson often chooses innovative new works that include live music, multiple dance genres and something out of the ordinary to draw in a more diverse audience.

California Ballet’s Founding Director, Maxine Mahon, commented on Jared’s appointment:

“He has already brought in new repertoire and is helping us connect with a larger demographic in the community. I foresee that our collaboration will bring the company to an exciting new standard. Jared’s fresh energy and innovative ideas, along with his commitment to keeping the classics alive, will help to move California Ballet to its 50th season and beyond.”

Regarding his new position, Mr. Nelson says that he wants to, “ . . . stay true to California Ballet’s pure classical technique, while bringing in exciting, outside-the-box programming to electrify new audiences and new colleagues.” His vision is to, “ . . . help make California Ballet a world class ballet company.

For more information on Jared Nelson, please see his bio at

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Jared Nelson’s Ruled by Secrecy